Our Favorite White Kitchens – Why They’re Not Boring

Take a look at some of our favorite white kitchens and you will see why a limited palette can be timeless and interesting. Eight years ago, when we began to paint the kitchen cabinets on a large scale, almost all customers were very pleased and finally painted the bright white kitchen of their dreams for their outdated oak cabinets. The cold white kitchen suddenly appeared on the scene as a happy and exhilarating antidote for the heavy, brown and tan kitchens of the 90s. It is almost as if white has been "rediscovered" and everyone is tired of Tuscany's brown trend overnight. Nowadays, when our customers ask if we want to paint their kitchen cabinets, most homeowners still want the fresh and bright kitchen of their dreams. But now I am a little worried about making mistakes when choosing white for your cabinet paint color. Our color consultant noted that homeowners still want a white kitchen, but are now concerned that the white kitchen will become a trend, leaving them with an old-fashioned and boring kitchen, which may get boring in the future.

Let’s see why some of our favorite white kitchens are both timeless AND interesting.

First of all, what makes the kitchen (or any space) interesting in design? A well-designed space will maintain balance and harmony between its various elements. Your colors will be coordinated (not "matching", but coordinated). Whether it's a gorgeous view, a modern fireplace, or an amazing headboard, you'll have a big point. Your elements will have appropriate proportions (furniture should not be too small or too large), and space planning will lead to a comfortable life (grouping of conversations in the living room, ease of use around bedroom furniture, a classic "work triangle" a kitchen). and will have a good "visual interest", whether in color, pattern or visual texture.

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