Hyderabad Apartment Perfectly Presents AllBrown Palette Art

Brown will cause a special polarization reaction. For the uninitiated, coordinating with home decoration and design is usually considered difficult, even monotonous. On the contrary, many shades and shades of brown are a pleasure for experienced designers or those with a flair for fashion art. When using imagination and care, the result can be luxurious, elegant and timeless at the same time. This is exactly what the designers Shamila Meeran and Faisal Vohra of F + S Designs provided in response to the client's request for a house that only relies on the brown color palette. Color occupies a magnificent domain in the huge Hyderabad apartment, aptly named Cinnamon House, but it managed to avoid sweeping the entire space with a single block of color. Apartment occupies 3,000 square feet and has a light and airy feel, perfect for a 34-story-tall sunny setting. Each space is wrapped in a myriad of drab neutral tones, such as nude, gray, taupe, and dark oak brown, and each space has a conscious attention to the touch. The designer introduced materials as a variety of accents, either in the three bedrooms or in the living room, dining room and living room. The designer explained: "When you move in different spaces, your visual palette will be constantly updated with different finishes and textures, and no element is overwhelming."

Even if the structure and fluidity sit down delicately, there is a clear sense of lightness. For example, a living room bathed in natural light is based on a disc-shaped bronze coffee table and Poliform's integral metal side table. This room sets the tone for the rest of the house, even if it is not the first space you see when you enter the apartment. The designer of F + S Designs placed the cream leather Le Club chair designed by JeanMarie Massaud next to the Poliform sofa with sexy curves. Next, they used Natuzzi rugs, which are very similar in color to the cloud-colored St. Germain sofa, to create a basic neutral basis for a series of strange touches. These range from Klove's blown glass objects and Raphis's lone palms to Irish designer Ray Power's Mobius strip-shaped corrugated wooden "Link" pendant lights. "The main brown color palette must be balanced with contrasting colors to allow the elements to flourish and help avoid cleaning the entire room with one color. Select and use elements with curves and elements with sharper geometric shapes, or The glossy surface that contrasts with the matte finish also helps to keep the visual frame fresh; this helps to open up more layers of design and build an entire cohesive narrative,” award-winning Hyderabad Architecture and Interior Design Said the designer duo of the studio.

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