The best new restaurant in Mumbai will satisfy your appetite for excellent design

Cities like Mumbai are based on the idea that "everyone can find something that suits them." This hotbed of diversity extends its multicultural spirit beyond the residents and also takes over its restaurants. Mumbai’s newest restaurants are scattered throughout the city, and their identities and the crowds they attract vary. From Instagram’s all-pink interiors to designs inspired by slow life, here are our favorite new members of Mumbai restaurants: OpaKipos, Worli OPAKipos is the city’s first exquisite Greek restaurant, offering charming fragments of Mediterranean life . OPAKipos is designed by the Dubai company Creative Clinic and promises to provide an eclectic Greek experience that goes beyond food. The spacious space uses a unique palette of pure white and dark blue, with the characteristics of traditional Santorini design, and is embellished with fresh pink. Original texture walls, shuttered wooden windows, smooth arches and reed decorations further consolidated the overall Greek design language. From traditional Zorba dance to delicious Greek dishes, OpaKipos offers a multi-sensory experience rooted in authenticity. Pink Wasabi, Juhu True pink, Juhu's newest restaurant is a paradise for Instagram users. Pink Wasabi embodies the spirit of bliss, radiating light through the rose-decorated interior, wisteria-covered exterior and caramel pink furniture. The aesthetic language of the space reflects the vibrant, quirky and youthful spirit of urban millennials and GenZ. Pink Wasabi's dreamy interior was designed by the restaurant's founder, Prasuk Jain, and is a tribute to the London Flower Café. The shocking monochrome pink, neon quotes, bountiful flowers, and luscious and charming stalls have made this Asian hotspot a social media sensation.

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